Why you should service your car

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It is a common mistake to assume a car service is not necessary because it isn’t required by law. Think of the many miles your car clocks to and from shuffling the kids around, work and the endless errands we run on a daily basis, hectic right? And with any well oiled machine a break is bound to be due at some point but with something as pivotal to our lives as our cars a break seems out of the question which is where car servicing comes in.

Think of a service as a detox which can –

  1. Save you money

A healthy vehicle is an affordable vehicle. Unserviced cars are found to have a shorter life span than cars that are serviced regularly, the little things we choose to ignore, like an oil change, can prove to be expensive mistakes in the long run.

  1. Preserve your vehicle

Because a service isn’t a legal requirement many people think a service is an MOT by another name however the two serve very different functions, an MOT is a technical inspection for safety whereas a service is a health check on your car.

  1. Help you avoid insurance premiums

If something were to go wrong with your vehicle where your service history had to be taken into account, owning a car that was not appropriately cared for could end up costing you four times more than a service would have.

If you feel your car is in need of a service look no further than Barrowford MOT, not only are our prices competitive but we offer a free pick up and drop off service making your day that little bit easier. Call us today on 01282 696351 for more information.


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