Make the most of your test drive

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

The cost of cars has hit an all time high but it seems that many car shoppers are ignoring one of the most important steps of car buying: taking a test drive.

With everything accessible online nowadays, we are relying more on product reviews (which can of course be biased) thank actually going and trying it out for ourselves.

But with a car, with this much money on the line, it’s important to make sure you bring home the best vehicle to fit your needs. So lets see how you can get the most out of test driving a car.

Whats the test drive goal?

The goal of your test drive is to see if the car is a good fit for you and your family. You’re spending thousands of pounds here; do your due diligence so that you are satisfied with the car you bring home otherwise you could find you just made a very expensive mistake.

Drive it like its yours already

There is no right way to test-drive a car. Instead, the best approach is to think about the everyday driving situations you encounter and make sure the car you are considering can handle them. Country lanes or busy main roads will need different driving styles. if you drive on both usually, make sure you test drive the car on both!

Listen to the experts

While it’s important to form your own opinion about the subjective aspects of a car (such as seat comfort or handling characteristics), researching car reviews is still a vital part of car shopping. Experts offer insight on many things that can’t (or shouldn’t) be experienced in a test drive.

Look beyond the driver’s seat and consider the other areas of the vehicle as well. If you have kids, make sure their car seats will fit.

At Barrowford MOT we have a pretty good knowledge of cars since we service them every day! So don’t be afraid to ask questions of us if you have any. We will happily give you our recommendations.

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