Going to University with a car

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

Well firstly, congratulations on passing your exams! Thats a hard feat – now its time for fun! If you’re off to university soon and will be taking a car with you, its really important that you know how to manage/maintain the vehicle.

Maintenance and safety

Check your oil level. This is the most basic maintenance item to check off all you need to do is remove the oil cap and use the dipstick to make sure the oil level sits between the markers. If you it let go too long, having little to no oil can cause extreme engine damage.  All cars need adequate oil to keep moving parts lubricated so keep up to date on your oil changes! If you would like Barrowford MOT to check your oil, stop in anytime at our garage on Sandy Lane, we will be happy to take a look. 

Headlights and brake lights. Be sure your lights are operational – broken brake lights are a fineable offence.  For safety, you need to be able to see and be seen.  Barrowford MOT always check lights with every maintenance service.

Brakes. Bring the car into the garage if you’re hearing any grinding during braking.  Brake pads are a “wear” item and are need to be replaced when they become thin. Brake pads should be replaced, and rotors machined, periodically to keep them wearing evenly and braking smoothly. Make sure you have them checked by an expert auto technician before you set off on a long journey if you are unsure.

Tyres are your vehicle’s only contact with the road. Are they appropriate for the road conditions where you will be driving?  Check the tread with a 20 pence –  If you can’t see the raised edge around the coin, your tyre’s tread is likely greater than 1.6mm and, therefore, legal. If, on the other hand, the outer band is visible when inserted, your tyre could be unsafe and require professional inspection.  Check for correct tyre pressure.

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