Spring Cleaning: Don’t forget your car

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

From cleaning out the interior and fine-tuning under the hood to sprucing up the outside, we’ve created a checklist to get your car in top condition for spring. Giving the inner workings a once over contributes to the overall health of the vehicle, so that everything is in the best condition for driving.

Washing the exterior

If you’re cleaning the paintwork yourself, then use a liquid or power cleaner for the body; abrasives like steel wool can scratch the paint so avoid using these. And remember to not let your car dry in the winter sun while still wet, as this creates water spots. Dry things off with a rubber or a silicone squeegee blade or non-shedding microfibre cloth.

Change the air filter

If your car’s performance is a little on the sluggish side, then it may be because the air filter hasn’t been changed in a while. Bring it down to Barrowford MOT so we can take a look. It’s a good idea to change your filter every 12,000 miles or every 12 months, whichever comes first. If you forego changing the air filter, then it can affect your car’s acceleration and fuel economy.

Change the fluids

The fluids that go into your car, such as coolant/antifreeze, oil and power steering fluid, get worn out over time, affecting the way your car performs on the road. To optimise the conditions, you need to change them every so often. To do this, you need to flush the necessary fluids from your car. At Barrowford MOT we look after all of this for you as part of a service. Call us today on  01282 696351 and get your car booked in with us.

Check the tyre pressure

As the seasons change, fluctuations in temperature can affect the pressure of car tyres. As we move from winter into spring, make sure you measure the pressure in your tyres to check that they meet the requirements for your vehicle. Driving on tyres with low pressure can affect fuel economy and cause a safety hazard.

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