Preparing for winter

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Are you ready for the cold snap?

As we move towards December you can evidently feel that winter is on its way. The mornings are bitter and the evening draws in earlier each day.. So as we cosy up in our homes and get ready for the cold snap that’s coming, ask yourself – is my car ready for winter?

At Barrowford MOT we always see a huge increase in the amount of breakdowns when the weather turns cold, so it’s well worth taking the time to ensure you carry out the right checks on your car. Any underlying mechanical issues could escalate as temperatures plummet!

Be prepared

We don’t have to be boy scouts to be prepared! Even the newest of cars can breakdown on us – They are just machines at the end of the day! However much you prepare, there’s always a chance that your car might leave you stranded over winter. So it’s important to be fully prepared for a breakdown: keep warm clothes in your car, as well as a torch and a few basic tools.

Consider keeping bottles of water in the car as well as emergency food supplies, such as energy bars and chocolate. And if you are embarking on a long journey with snow forecast then be sure to pack extra waterproof, some sturdy footwear, a shovel, a warm drink in a flask and a fully charge mobile phone. Yes it sounds dramatic but its better to be safe than sorry! 

We’ll look after you

If you would like to bring your car along to Barrowford MOT before you head out this winter, we will check the following as standard to make sure you are prepared for winter:


Surprisingly one in three cars that come to our garage are dangerously low on oil. This can cause a breakdown or lead to catastrophic engine damage at worst.


Its important to check your tyres for general wear and tear racks, splits of bulges, and more importantly, tread depth. Although the minimum tread level is 1.6mm, during winter it’s advisable to have 3mm of tread on your tyres to help with traction and grip. Also we ensure that you have the correct pressure in your tyres.


The last thing you need is a frozen engine or for your car to overheat. Although it’s a sealed system and shouldn’t need to be topped up, you should always double check, especially before a long journey.


It’s vitally important to make sure not only that you can see where you’re going but also that other drivers can see you. We will make sure all lights are working and that they are free from dirt, grime and snow.

Screen Wash

We check your screen wash level and top up with a quality screen wash additive or pre-mix which is effective down to at least -15 degrees celsius.

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