Why an MOT is still so important

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

Having your vehicle MOT tested every year can often feel like an unnecessary task with a recurring price tag. Admittedly the standards set by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency are stringent and many of us have experienced that sinking feeling of being handed an MOT failure certificate, accompanied by the panic of how much the repairs and retest will cost us.

More often than not the damage is no more than a new tyre or two plus a tweak to the fuel emissions. With that being said the statistics for vehicles with more serious and dangerous defects remain alarmingly high, but it is these statistics that highlight both the practical purpose and huge importance of an MOT.

When a vehicle fails its MOT test the failure certificate provides an option for the MOT tester to declare that one or more of the defects discovered render the vehicle dangerous to drive. These include major items such as brakes, suspension, tyres, lights and fuel leaks. Over one million dangerous cars are recorded by MOT testers in the UK annually. This equates to over three-quarters of a million vehicles every year with at least one dangerous defect and well over 2,000 vehicles being declared dangerous to drive every day resulting in either major repairs or the car being scrapped.

So if you feel your vehicle may be due an MOT test then call us today on 01282 696351 for bookings and information.

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