Keeping you car safe at home

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

Leaving your car on your driveway or in a garage overnight, investing in some deterrents like a steering wheel lock or putting up an expensive security camera system should keep car thieves away, right? Well, with 22% of car owners in the UK admitting to having had a car stolen at some point, it seems that car thieves are still finding ways around the often hi-tech anti-theft solutions out there.

Keep your valuables out of sight

While this might be obvious when you’re out and about, it’s easy to forget when you park your car at home. Try hiding any expensive electronics in the boot or take them into your house.

If you must leave an electronic piece of equipment in the car, you should make it a dash cam that records even with the engine switched off. If thieves bump the car (which they will definitely do if they’re trying to break in), the dash cam will record everything, plus it may act as a visual deterrent if it’s visible. No thief wants their face to be recorded on camera!

Park your car facing the house

While reversing into your driveway might seem more logical and forward-thinking for the following day, it makes it harder for you to see your vehicle’s interior overnight. Give yourself every chance of getting a physical description of the thief by keeping your car wheel in sight.

Light it up

If a thief is going to attempt to steal your vehicle, you should make them clearly visible to the world. A Robotic Security Light instantly lights up when an intruder steps foot onto your driveway or land.

This should either alert you or your neighbours, scare them off completely or make it easier for you to record them committing the crime.

In these times of uncertainty, the last think you need to worry about is your car being stolen whilst its only having a limited amount of use. So take the necessary precautions and keep safe and seen.

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