How to pass your MOT

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Your MOT test is a vital part of keeping Britain’s roads safe. The test was introduced back in 1960 and was put in place to ensure our cars were safe to drive as well being in good working order and to highlight any potential hazards that may arise. And despite the reputation the MOT test has garnered, it needn’t be a stressful experience.


An MOT test covers a wide range of aspects including lighting, steering, brakes, tyres and wheels, seat belts and body to name but a few. Even if you’re not mechanically minded, there are a number of simple checks prior to the test to help your vehicle pass first time. Here are three of the absolute essentials.




It’s a basic check, but make sure your headlights work on all settings and if you can, point your car at a garage door, when dark, and check that the beams are not too high or low, and that they are correctly aligned. If any bulbs are blown, change them. If you can’t do it yourself, enlist the help of friend or a friendly mechanic because to fail an MOT for the sake of a bulb can be frustrating and sometimes costly.


Brake Fluid


An crucial requirement of any vehicle, make sure that your brakes do not feel spongy when pressed. Modern brakes work by hydraulics so it is important to top up brake fluid levels and identify if there is any air trapped in the system. This can be removed by bleeding, and is a simple job for a mechanic to do pre-test.


Wheels & Tyres


Have a feel and check of your tyres to ensure they are not damaged or worn. If they look worn, check the tread depth is above the minimum UK requirement of 1.6mm. It is recommended that tyres are changed when the tread reaches 3mm so if you are unsure, have a technician look at them.


At Barrowford MOT we strive to provide our clientele with the finest service which is why when you bring your car to us for an MOT it will leave with a free hot wash and wax giving your car that bit of TLC on the outside as well as the inside. Call us today on 01282 696351 for bookings.

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