Getting your car Spring ready

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

With the long winter finally behind us and the sun beaming down, it’s time to start thinking about that all important spring clean.

The winter is severely harsh on our cars and there is no time like now to give our beloved cars a little TLC. So here are 4 tips to getting your vehicle Spring ready.

1. Remove Winter tires.

To keep your winter tires in the best possible condition for the following season remove them as soon as possible. Winter tires are made from a unique rubber compound which creates traction when the roads are icy and in summer these compounds can become damaged from prolonged exposure to heat and humidity. For use in the warmer months all season tires are recommended.

2. Wash & Wax

Our cars muster through severe conditions for days at a time during the winter and this can leave our vehicles covered in debris, grime and mud. Treat your car to a hot wash at your local car wash and finish off with a car wax to add a shiny coat and repel water beads.

3. Clean out the interior

Just like the exterior, the interior also suffers through the wintery conditions; cars mats laden with grime, dust on the dashboard and mud marks all over the place. Pick a beautiful day, open all the windows, vacuum the car floors, hose down the mats and put up a new springy scented air freshener to complete the revived look of your car.

4. Bring your car in for a service

There is no better time like the first few weeks of Spring to have your car serviced. A service will ensure your car is in prime working condition and ready for the summer up ahead.

So there you have it, should you feel your car is in need of a service to shed it’s Wintery overalls then here at Barrowford MOT, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest service. With the latest in state of the art technology and a friendly team of mechanics we have been the leading MOT centre in the village of Barrowford for four decades. So call us today on 01282 696351 to book your car in for a check up.

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