Getting your car ready for Winter

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

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With the Wintery season looming upon us, cold mornings, frozen windshields and minus temperatures are about to become the norm and the colder and more unpredictable the weather becomes, the harsher the result will be on our cars so we compiled a list of simple checks you can make to avoid finding yourself stuck roadside.

Getting your vehicle Winter ready needn’t be difficult, here are some basic car maintenance tips to help your car survive the season –

  • Top up your screenwash bottle regularly, a lot of dirt and grime ends up on your windscreen during the winter so plenty of screenwash will ensure your view is never compromised whilst driving.
  • Check all your lights are working and clean them regularly. Dirt can also build up rather easily on your headlights and can cause potential hazards if not cared for appropriately.
  • Check your tyres every few weeks, an adequate tread is crucial in the colder seasons to help grip on icy and wet roads.
  • Have your car battery checked before the cold weather really hits as it is one of the most common complaints from car owners in winter. Batteries naturally lose their capability over time but during the winter the cold weather takes it toll and can weaken a fully charged battery by 35% .

At Barrowford MOT we are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest service, and that is why with the latest in state of the art technology and a friendly team of mechanics who are always on hand to help with any issues we have been the leading MOT centre in the village of Barrowford for four decades. So call us today on 01282 696351 to book your car in for a check up.


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