Driving in the wet weather

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Did you know that wet tarmac contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year? And the majority of these could be avoided by the drivers having looked after their cars and tyres better!

Safety starts before you drive

Looking after your vehicle and tyres is important not only for your own safety, but for the safety of others too. Barrowford MOT can help you with this if you visit or garage on Sandy Lane in Barrowford for a quick check up. 

If you can’t make it into the garage, below are some key pointers that you should check before making a journey – long or short – so that you can see and be seen by others.

  • Replace your windscreen wiper inserts that leave streaks or don’t clear the glass in a single swipe. 
  • Make sure your headlights, brake lights and turn signals are properly functioning so other drivers will see you when it’s raining 
  • Turn on your headlights whenever you drive if you don’t have day lights.
  • Check your tyre pressures! This is so important and can actually void your insurance in the event of an accident if they are not at the correct pressures.
  • Make sure your MOT is valid. This is a must!
  • Make sure you are insured.

More safety tips

When you’re on the road and there’s lots of surface water, its best to avoid using cruise control. If you use cruise control in wet conditions the chance of you loosing control is actually dramatically increased. Its important when driving in wet conditions that you are fully concentrating on your driving and this includes accelerating and braking when necessary.

Slow down and leave room for other drivers! In the event of an accident, Barrowford can come and recover your vehicle, but we would prefer not to in all honesty! Leave plenty of breaking distance in the event you need to do an emergency stop.

Book a service today

If you would like Barrowford MOT to take a look at your car to make sure you’re ready for driving in the wet conditions, call the garage on 01282 696351 and we will get you booked in at your convenience.

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