Driving home for Christmas

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Driving home for Christmas?

You won’t be the only motorist on the move. In the days leading up to Christmas Day, it’s a fair bet that many of the UK’s roads will be incredibly busy as many families travel for the holidays.

Last year, December 22 was dubbed ‘Frantic Friday’ because of the number of drivers expected on the country’s road network. It was, for many, the last working day before Christmas, and so was seen as the perfect time to travel for those who were planning to spend the holiday season away.

The problem was, that significantly increased the volume of cars on the road at a time when it was already busy enough with the usual commuter traffic. This year, Friday December 20 could bring similar traffic volume and issues as schools finish for the holiday and those who aren’t working on Christmas Eve take advantage of making a ‘getaway’.

Of course, plenty of drivers make shorter trips throughout Christmas too, rather than one longer journey – if you’re getting behind the wheel during the festive period, here are some quick tips which can help to keep you safe and stress-free.

Plan your trip

It’s always advisable to plan ahead before making a longer journey, so you can prepare for any potential delays and avoid roadworks. No-one wants to be stuck in lengthy traffic jams, especially on a dark winter evening, and particularly so if you’re travelling with children; nothing dampens the Christmas spirit quicker.

Time your trip

As we’ve already covered, it’s easy to predict the busy periods on the roads, so it makes sense to avoid them if at all possible. Friday evenings are always busy and especially leading into the Christmas weekend – why not wait, and try to get an early start on the Saturday morning, instead? If you’re planning to make a journey on Christmas Eve to stay with relatives, could you drive the evening before instead, when the roads are likely to be quieter?

Look after your car

Another issue to consider over Christmas is the possibility that you might not be using your car very often. If you’re not planning to travel much, and you’re at home for much of the holiday, your car may be left sitting on the driveway, or outside your home, for several days. 

This brings other risks, not least the possibility of your car not starting when you do need it.

If you don’t use your car for a couple of days, it’s a good idea to at least start the engine and let it tick over for a few minutes, just to keep things running. In freezing temperatures, try to store it inside a garage, if you can, or protect the windscreen.

If you do start to have car issues with the cold weather, come and see Barrowford MOT for a quick car check over. It could be something as simple as a loose wire. But don’t risk driving it home for Christmas if its not 100% right. Call today on 01282 696351.

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