Driving after lockdown

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

People are now permitted to drive to other destinations for their daily exercise under easing of lockdown measures for England announced by Boris Johnson on Sunday night.

In his address to the nation, the prime minister said the government was changing its guidance around motoring, specifically in reference to commuting to work and outdoor exercise.

So what are the new rules around motoring?

According to the prime minister’s broadcast you are now – in England only, allowed to drive your car to get to work and to go somewhere to take “unlimited exercise”.

How far can people drive?

There are no mileage limits set for the distance people could drive and you may note the government’s discouragement of public transport. Walking and cycling are favoured, but your car is an option once again.

What are the possible issues around changes to motoring rules?

Local authorities and employers will need to give serious consideration to where everyone will be able to park, and how much it will cost. Relaxing parking restrictions and reducing or taking away parking charges would help!

What about the 2m rule?

Will the two-metre rule be rigidly observed at petrol stations? Will the occupants of the vehicles always be strictly from the same household – given the motor car’s traditional role as mobile clandestine love big? It remains to be seen.

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