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If you haven’t opted for any car service plan yet, we will explain why having one makes a complete sense. In this post, we will discuss what a typical car service plan may involve and how registering for one can bring in benefits. Choosing a car service isn’t any luxury in today’s time. You just need to spend a small amount every month in order to have experts looking after your vehicle’s regular maintenance.

What Does the Car Service Plan Cover?

If you aren’t aware, a car service plan pays for the regular services of your vehicle. Which particular parts of your car will be looked after in the service plan is determined by the manufacturer. Most auto shops offering car service plans prefer to adhere to manufacturer’s recommendations.

There are mainly three things that are covered in such service plans – labour, fluids and parts. The service plan may remain valid up to some kilometres or a specific timeframe. Once you choose the service plan and anytime then after if your car is due for a regular service, the car service station will cover all things offered in the plan.

It is worth noting here that such service plans have some limitations too. For example, if your car met with an accident and got major damage or you have overlooked regular servicing of your car for long which has caused some major electrical faults into the vehicle system, the service plan won’t cover it.

Key Benefits Of Choosing the Right Car Service Plan

There are several benefits of opting for a car service plan. One of the biggest advantages is flat price servicing. Service charges may increase with the time, but you can prevent price inflation affecting your pocket by opting for a service plan. With a service plan, you need to pay a fixed amount every month as decided while subscribing for the plan. This way you can save a considerable amount of car servicing in the long term.

The second advantage is that a car service plan provides you with fixed return on your investment. For example, when you buy a car insurance policy, you intend to cover the expense of car damage that may happen during an accident or any other mishap.

However, most car owners know that it is rare that they will ever need to claim for the insurance amount in their lifespan; yet buying a car insurance is worth. Now when you buy a car service plan, you at least know that your car will need regular servicing. So, the monthly instalments you will be paying will pay off when you will take your vehicle to the service station for regular maintenance.

Lastly, choosing a service plan will make your vehicle deliver optimal performance while on the road. Taking your car for regular services in a timely manner can save you expensive repairs. The parts and components of your four-wheel, whether in use or not since awhile, get wear and tear over a certain timeframe leading to a poor performance while on the road. But this can be avoided with regular servicing. Timely servicing of your car will make your vehicle run to its best performance for a longer time frame and also get you good resale value with a good service history on record.

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