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Preparing Your Air Conditioning For The Winter Months

Now, you may be thinking that the beginning of August really isn’t the time to start thinking about cold commutes up the motorway under the blanket of dark wintery mornings – and if we weren’t in the business of air conditioning, we’d probably agree with you.
But air-conditioning isn’t just for hot summer days, it can be a vital ally on a cold or wet winter’s morning, when misted up windows might be delaying your departure. It is these colder days of winter that mean many car drivers switch their air conditioning off as the temperatures start to plummet. But is that wise?

Should you use your air conditioning in the winter?

The only answer to this is yes. Using your air conditioning in the winter isn’t about keeping cool; without frequent use, moisture can build up within the air vent ducts that the system uses to pipe cold air to. This moisture then often causes mould and bacteria to form, which are then blown into the car when you start the system again after weeks or months of inactivity.

Air conditioning is also vital in helping you to maintain your visibility through the winter months. It doesn’t just cool the air in your car – it dries it too.

Why air-conditioning clears steamy windows

Air conditioning removes moisture in the air, which is particularly useful in the winter. It helps to keep your windscreen and windows clear – so if you’re steaming up, turning the air conditioning on will help enormously, and it can help clear mist from the glass sooner, enabling you to set off with clear screens earlier than you otherwise would.

When your poor car has been sitting outside in the cold with very little in the way of insulation, it’s soon thoroughly chilled both inside and out. The moment you climb in, the warm moisture from your breath and the hot air radiating off your body hit the cold glass, condense and become an impenetrable fog.

Using the air-con is the simplest, quickest and safest way to clear mist from the inside of your car’s windows. This is because it dehumidifies or dries damp air. When it’s pumped into the car, that dry air helps to remove the moisture or condensation that’s formed on the glass causing the fog to vanish almost as quickly as it appeared.

Why you should have your air conditioning regularly checked

Put simply, regular use of your car’s air conditioning system will keep it working better. It prevents the build-up of mould and bacteria which can result in musty, unpleasant smells.

Keeping your air conditioning regularly ticking over means all the parts will be utilised and there will be less need for expensive repairs.

It’s important that the pumps in your system keep turning as they’ll prevent the seals from

Barrowford MOT recommends turning on the air conditioning system at least once a week on the
coolest setting for about 10 minutes. This will help circulate the refrigerant which in turn helps to
lubricate the compressor; then turning the heating up to the highest setting will dry out the tubes and prevent the accumulation of moisture and bacteria.

Air conditioning treatment from Barrowford MOT

If your car’s gotten hot and bothered this summer and is prone to misting up in winter, it’s time to book an air conditioning service with Barrowford MOT – recommended by most manufacturers to be carried out around every two years. As well as keeping you cooler in hot weather, a fully recharged system will reduce your fuel consumption by putting less strain on the engine.

Our car air con cleaning process uses a special anti-bacterial solution to remove bacteria that have built up over time. It’s a professional-quality ‘deep clean’ that removes 99% of built-up bacteria from the air con system and vents.

Our extensive service costs £36 and includes a refrigerant recharge and replacement of lubricating oil, plus a comprehensive system components check. Call us today on 01282 696351 and give your air conditioning a treat.

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