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Remember, Remember

The 5th November is one of the most traditional dates in our calendar. Bonfires and Fireworks and a Guy if you’re lucky! (Do people still do this nowadays?). It’s always a fab week to spend with family and friends, food and fireworks! 

While the Fifth of November is an evening of fun, it’s also a night of very high risk. Alcohol, fireworks, car accidents, etc. There is a lot more danger on November 5th (and usually the weekend before hand) than meets the eye.

Barrowford MOT have put together some tips below to address how to avoid the most common bonfire night accidents whilst being out in your vehicle. Fireworks can be a source of distraction and danger for drivers. Stay safe this Bonfire Night!

Don’t get distracted

If you are driving in close proximity to a firework display, bare the loud noises and flashing lights in mind. It is important that you keep your eyes on the road whilst you drive. Getting distracted by the fireworks can cause road traffic collisions and injury to you and others involved. If you really want to watch the firework display, stop in a safe location to do so.

Drive with care

On Bonfire Night, young children may fill the streets, watching local firework displays from afar. To avoid an incident, make sure you are vigilant, especially in poorly lit residential areas. During the darker winter months, vehicles are more likely to hit pedestrians, so bare this in mind and drive slowly.

Plan your route

Firework displays are common across the UK on Bonfire Night and can be troublesome for many road users. The roads in many areas around this time of year can be closed off, allowing easy and safe access to pedestrians. Therefore, it is important you plan your route beforehand to avoid disruption.

Watch out for animals

Bonfire Night can be a noisy time of year which is frightening to many animals. According to the Blue Cross, the chances of your pet running away from home is heightened at this time of year. They advise that you check under your car before setting off, as animals tend to hide under cars when they’re frightened.

If you do have an accident then Barrowford MOT are here to help. We can recover you vehicle and help with repairs in our workshop. Remember you can call us on 01282 696351 in case of an accident call out or contact us through the website.

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