Automatic only driving licence

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Most British people have a manual driving license, which actually means they can drive both a manual and an automatic car. 

Why is this? Well, a manual car adds an element to driving that you don’t have to worry about when driving an automatic – as well as accelerating, steering and braking, you have to operate the clutch and shift the gear stick as you drive. So, if you’ve passed your driving test in a manual, you’ll find an automatic car even easier to drive. 

Get an automatic driving licence and you’ll be restricted to driving automatic cars. That said, driving an automatic car is easier, so if you want to pass your driving test as quickly as possible, an automatic car will stack the odds in your favour.

What’s the difference between a manual and automatic?

In simple terms, a manual transmission requires you to change your car’s gears manually. That means shifting the gear stick from one gear to the next while simultaneously operating a clutch pedal. This added involvement means manual gearboxes might appeal to you more if you enjoy driving.  

A manual gearbox has many other advantages, though. It’s mechanically simple, which means manual cars are cheaper to buy than cars with an automatic gearbox. Compared with a traditional automatic, they’ll also be better on fuel and quicker. 

Barrowford MOT are experienced in servicing both manual and automatic gearboxes on cars. So if you need us to take a look into any transmission issues that you are having with your car, please call 01282 696351 and book in with us today.

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