Are your tyres safe?

  • Barrowford MOT Centre

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As the only point of contact that stands between us and the ground our tyres perform an array of vital roles each time we take our car out for a spin, from making sure our cars stay on the road to giving us an indication of the overall health of our vehicles, it is needless to say that they must be in the best of conditions at all times in order to serve their purpose.

According to a survey conducted by motoring organisation, TyreSafe, 27.3% of tyres tested do not pass the legal requirements which equates to almost 10 million illegal and unsafe tyres on the roads in the UK at this very moment. Casualties from defective tyre related accidents amounted to 1,100 in 2014 alone and that number was predicted to have only risen by the time we reached 2017.

The UK legal recommended tread depth on tyres is currently at 1.6mm but to ensure the safety of you and others around you we recommend you keep your tyres at 3mm. The wear on your tyre’s tread patterns are indicative of the health of your car’s suspension components and alignment of your wheels so it is imperative you keep a close eye on the state of your tyres.

At Barrowford MOT Centre we offer free walk in tyre safety checks so you have peace of mind when out on the road. And you needn’t worry, we only recommend changing tyres when is it absolutely necessary and if there are still some miles left on your tyres we will tell you exactly that. For more information about our free tyre safety checks give us a call today on 01282 696351.


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